from by Sadokist



With witching black breaths, the urn has been filled again
and the ashes are flowing, blackening the landscape
Traces of ice are bonding the dead flowers
With ripped wings, tormented are the demented

Your third eye weeps at your face
blinding your every step with hate
as you have woken up to your nightmare, while,
sleeping with the dead

Shackled and frozen, as a tray for horrors this soul is set
The ghosts from the past and the future are haunting it
Reflecting their shadow of the acrimonious dead
Decorating these chambers with bones as darkening candles lit

Clock strikes eternal midnight
There's nothing but despair in sight
Someone's asking for help
It must be myself

Following traces of self-exuded dripping blood, in a circle
Interweaving the shining wounds with a web of fibrin
Evacuating from the darkness while absorbing as a concealer
Directions for no return, back from the asylum

Heatening waves of panic
Hallucinations from the attic
Surrounding transforming
Sanity has been lost

Morbid is the blind eye of the beholder
Fuck you


from Thy Saviour's Halo, Held by Horns, released July 7, 2014



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Sadokist Finland

De-formed in 2007 by Sadist Stalker & Hyper Ejakulator of Unweeping Purgatory Flames, started as a raw black metal band. The sound remains the same, but is evolving into darker depths on every release. Always closer to the black truth.

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