The darkness is calling
To sleep I am falling
I am dreaming of war...

Reaching the shore and the land
with this conscious command

I am pushing a blade to get it in
Inside your brain it makes you spin
I bite your flesh, I sculpt you thin
Inside my heart I feel nothing...

Desecration of the dead performed
Enemy remains badly deformed
Sacrificial act for maniac's lust
War psychosis, dust to dust

Dream catcher overloads
Diseased mental warcry roars
Injecting terror into the night
Crossfires for evil mind

Between the trees, against the winds.
Glaring eyes and spreading wings.
Deadly freaks, lunatic beings
Dying animals and unclear things

You gave me a path to follow
I honor it and cast my shadow
With this sword held up high
I'll never look back

Mountains of massacre
penetrate the black clouds
"That sky is the death of heaven..."
I am dreaming of war

Dreaming of War...


from Thy Saviour's Halo, Held by Horns, released July 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Sadokist Finland

De-formed in 2007 by Sadist Stalker & Hyper Ejakulator of Unweeping Purgatory Flames, started as a raw black metal band. The sound remains the same, but is evolving into darker depths on every release. Always closer to the black truth.

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