Damnatio ad Bestias

from by Sadokist



This is the night of the beginning of the end...
wearing Antichrist's Coming's Bell
The false God of lies to perdition we send
Assault from the darkest crypts of Hell

Apocalypse Warriors of torment and fright
laughing at Nazarene's demise
Slaughter their minions, might makes right!
Seventh sign of evil marking Sadistrike

Start the revenge of Hell, destruction of all
Torture their priests, every church will fall
Satanas' hordes come to desecrate
spitting their insults with hate

Weak masses drowning in vomit and blood...
Mother Mary, Jesus and God
Our Sadistic Metal will destroy
scorning their morals and joy

Damnatio ad Bestias

Fullmoon disaster, Master demands sacrifice
Blood of the moon will be shed
Carnage, sodomy, bloodlust and death
won't stop until the Sadist is fed

Orgy of unholy painful pleasure
Cries of agony, cries of lust
Believers try to flee in panic
Fear the Sodomizer's thrust

Nothing will be left...
Angels white lying dead
By the Sons of Satan they were raped
Heaven's splattered crimson red

Damnatio ad Bestias


from Thy Saviour's Halo, Held by Horns, released July 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Sadokist Finland

De-formed in 2007 by Sadist Stalker & Hyper Ejakulator of Unweeping Purgatory Flames, started as a raw black metal band. The sound remains the same, but is evolving into darker depths on every release. Always closer to the black truth.

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