Thy Saviour's Halo, Held by Horns

by Sadokist

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released July 7, 2014



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Sadokist Finland

De-formed in 2007 by Sadist Stalker & Hyper Ejakulator of Unweeping Purgatory Flames, started as a raw black metal band. The sound remains the same, but is evolving into darker depths on every release. Always closer to the black truth.

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Track Name: Poisoned Souls
Causing pain for infinity
There is just one master for me
The nightly cure is for the daily disease
Poisoned Souls are gazing at the space of death
with the spears in their hands

Stained vessels impaling the nature of man
Serving as a sacrifice

Draw the symbol for supremacy
Sanctify the weapons of immortality
The necessary cut for discipline...
Poisoned Souls are bleeding for the gods of death
with the fire burning below their feet

Stained vessels impaling the nature of man
Serving as a sacrifice

Feel the distance between the stars
Drink the blood from black hearts
Denial is for delusional
For Evil is eternal

The Fog of Thoughts flowing eternally in
the catacombs of their rotting minds
The sound of relief is calling them
for their dark past to determine

Stained vessels impaling the nature of man
Serving as a sacrifice

Spirals of blood are surrounding your bones
as you collapse into Void
Clever was the force of weakness
cursing your existence
Track Name: Cult Fire
Power from beyond horizon
Hateful warcries, notes from Hell
This fire burns like thousand suns
but it purifies thee of thy flesh

Cult Fire

Animate thy primal hatred
Join the force with weapon to kill
Where it burns this conquest thrives...
Let the Cult Fire burn innocent lives

Cult Fire

Carbonized skulls of the weak...
upon which the Devil Himself sits
Blood dripping down from His mouth...
Satanas now possessed one more soul

The revenge has started
Legions are near
Drop dead with nonsense
Behold the torch of...
Cult Fire
Black Metal Fire
Track Name: Damnatio ad Bestias
This is the night of the beginning of the end...
wearing Antichrist's Coming's Bell
The false God of lies to perdition we send
Assault from the darkest crypts of Hell

Apocalypse Warriors of torment and fright
laughing at Nazarene's demise
Slaughter their minions, might makes right!
Seventh sign of evil marking Sadistrike

Start the revenge of Hell, destruction of all
Torture their priests, every church will fall
Satanas' hordes come to desecrate
spitting their insults with hate

Weak masses drowning in vomit and blood...
Mother Mary, Jesus and God
Our Sadistic Metal will destroy
scorning their morals and joy

Damnatio ad Bestias

Fullmoon disaster, Master demands sacrifice
Blood of the moon will be shed
Carnage, sodomy, bloodlust and death
won't stop until the Sadist is fed

Orgy of unholy painful pleasure
Cries of agony, cries of lust
Believers try to flee in panic
Fear the Sodomizer's thrust

Nothing will be left...
Angels white lying dead
By the Sons of Satan they were raped
Heaven's splattered crimson red

Damnatio ad Bestias
Track Name: Darkness Prayer
Hours of torment, black souls of night
They're gathering under the shadows where wrong is right
The Darkness Prayer meditates and grows Iron Wings

Altar of sacrifice
Darkness Prayer

Electric disorder, soundwall of hate
The black mass preparing for merciless fate
The Darkness Prayer's looking at the scene of destruction
A promise for vengeance echoes in the winds

Altar of sacrifice
Darkness Prayer
Track Name: Dreaming of War
The darkness is calling
To sleep I am falling
I am dreaming of war...

Reaching the shore and the land
with this conscious command

I am pushing a blade to get it in
Inside your brain it makes you spin
I bite your flesh, I sculpt you thin
Inside my heart I feel nothing...

Desecration of the dead performed
Enemy remains badly deformed
Sacrificial act for maniac's lust
War psychosis, dust to dust

Dream catcher overloads
Diseased mental warcry roars
Injecting terror into the night
Crossfires for evil mind

Between the trees, against the winds.
Glaring eyes and spreading wings.
Deadly freaks, lunatic beings
Dying animals and unclear things

You gave me a path to follow
I honor it and cast my shadow
With this sword held up high
I'll never look back

Mountains of massacre
penetrate the black clouds
"That sky is the death of heaven..."
I am dreaming of war

Dreaming of War...
Track Name: ...Forever
With witching black breaths, the urn has been filled again
and the ashes are flowing, blackening the landscape
Traces of ice are bonding the dead flowers
With ripped wings, tormented are the demented

Your third eye weeps at your face
blinding your every step with hate
as you have woken up to your nightmare, while,
sleeping with the dead

Shackled and frozen, as a tray for horrors this soul is set
The ghosts from the past and the future are haunting it
Reflecting their shadow of the acrimonious dead
Decorating these chambers with bones as darkening candles lit

Clock strikes eternal midnight
There's nothing but despair in sight
Someone's asking for help
It must be myself

Following traces of self-exuded dripping blood, in a circle
Interweaving the shining wounds with a web of fibrin
Evacuating from the darkness while absorbing as a concealer
Directions for no return, back from the asylum

Heatening waves of panic
Hallucinations from the attic
Surrounding transforming
Sanity has been lost

Morbid is the blind eye of the beholder
Fuck you